2019 Tokyo Motor Show Daihatsu Waku Waku Concept Car ,国庆节活动分析,2020公务员应届

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国庆节活动分析 ,2020公务员应届

2019 Tokyo Motor Show Daihatsu Waku Waku Concept Car





[Hunan News Network New car debut] Daihatsu released the Waku Waku concept car during the Tokyo Motor Show. This concept car is biased towards off-road style and is officially defined as "the lightest SUV".

Dafa Waku Waku is a relatively small model The body size is 3395/1475/1630mm. While absorbing the K-Car design language, the overall appearance is very hard, the body uses a complete set of off-road kits, the LED light group is also biased towards the hard style, the rear of the new car uses closed windows, the storage compartment of the roof The design is also very personal.

In the car, in order to further ensure its practicability and reliability, it does not use a large number Touch design. After the rear seats are lowered, they will remain flat with the floor of the trunk, improving the practicality. Overall, Daihatsu showed his thoughts on future outdoor off-road vehicles in this car. (Text/Hunan News Network Chen Hao)

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